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Statistics show that about 1 in every 10 Singaporeans has diabetes and the proportion has almost doubled among those 50 years and above Sources:
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MEDIFAST MEDICAL CENTRE SINGAPORE is the one of the branches of the MediFast International Group which was founded in 1991 to provide quality mobile paramedical services to insurance companies from Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and China.

MediFast is currently the largest pre-insurance check-up organization in Asia, serving over hundreds insurance companies globally. Pre-insurance check-up is one of our core services and a crucial step in the risk assessment procedure for insurance companies. Our mobile professional team is always ready to visit our client’s home or office to provide on-site check-up services. We offer our clients the privilege of our mobile check-up service at any time they wish, while enhancing the corporate image of insurance companies at the same time.

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